Friday, December 25, 2009

Late night ponderings

You know this whole thing started out with the best of intentions, I was going to write down everything that took place on my big trip, the trip that reignited my spirit and forged my resolve from the person who lost everything to the person who had everything to give. Unfortunately, work and my newfound social obligations have kept me from my appointed rounds, and to that I am sorry.

I will say though, it has been a ball. Plenty of great times, good friends, and hilarious dating hijinks have transpired since then. During this time of reflection, I have to say that I'm feeling better now than I have in years. I enjoy walking into a bar alone and making new friends, to meeting random strangers and telling hilariously embellished stories. By the way, my grandfather invented the electric toaster.

I feel like I'm closer to who I really am than at this time last year. That's a good start. It's been a tough year of setbacks and realizations, with seemingly few joys and many more jabs received than thrown. But those joys, of kissing someone for the first time in a snowstorm, of cresting the Ozarks and seeing the west spread around me on a hot September afternoon, of finally getting to set foot on my family's ancestral lands, of taking an adventure with my father that will live in my mind forever...they're worth it. It's all been worth it. Even if the girl and I didn't work out, the vacation ended and reality returned, I'm learning that sometimes memories are a good thing to have.


  1. The Ozarks really are gorgeous, aren't they? I miss those hills.

  2. I do too! I'm already planning on making a similar trip next year, probably going to head a bit further out west, but definitely with a stop in the Ozarks.